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We’ve all been frustrated when setting the shower temperature. If you
tweak the knob little to the left it is magma hot and if you tweak little
to the right it is ice cold. Livin Shower digitally controls the
temperature to make the control of temperature easy.

Tap a button, and get a
perfect temperature.

As you shower more with Livin Shower, it will learn your favorite temperature and let you start shower at your favorite temperature
with just a press of a button.

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Shower trim with aspirations.

Showering lets our subconscious mind to have inspirations. The
sculpted soft curves of the device and the colorful minimalistic display
intends to reflect this humanistic element of being inspirational.

Shower that we all
dreamed of.

Livin Shower can be connected to Alexa or Google Home to voice activate the shower. Also, Livin Shower can work in conjunction with smart thermostats like Nest and adjust your room temperature to make you feel comfortable when you get out of the shower.